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We offer our customers a large selection of high quality Mammoth and Fossil Walrus Ivory to choose from. We will always strive to have the right material for the discriminating artist or collector.

 Please feel free to call any time for specific requests. your business is very important to us and we will do anything possible to accommodate. Fields Ancient Ivory also keeps a limited inventory of other materials, such as stag, pre-ban elephant ivory, sheep horn, buffalo, exotic wood, shell and more.

Please contact us for more information,  or to order by phone or pay with a check or credit card.

Phones are 863-228-5945 NEW office, or 863-990-0111 Herb's cell phone.

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    Fossil Walrus, Pre-Ban Elephant, and Ancient Artifacts

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Fossil Walrus Ivory

Walrus ivory has an outer layer called cementum or bark that covers the chatoyant ("having a changeable, varying luster or color, like that of a changeable silk, or of a cat's eye in the dark") dentine (ivory) and in the center of the tusk is the core or secondary dentine that makes it unique among ivories.

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Mammoth Ivory

This ivory from Alaska is between 10,000 and 50,000 years old. It is only slightly harder than fresh elephant ivory and usually has a tan or light brown coloration. The outside bark is sometimes very colorful as it was in direct contact with minerals in the soil and the elements.

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Pre-Ban Elephant Ivory

Legal pre-ban African elephant ivory tusks, sections, slabs, blocks and cross cuts. The material of choice for gun grips, knife handles, musical instruments, cue sticks, pens, inlays, duck calls and carving. All of the elephant ivory we offer for sale was imported before the ban and is purchased from estates.
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Important Information

Ivory / Bone Information & Working Instructions

Fossil ivory comes from several sources- it is either walrus ivory that has been buried for hundreds to thousands of years or it is 10,000-plus-year-ols ivory from the long extinct wooly mammoth or mastodon. All of these ivories have been buried for centuries and have absorbed minerals from the soil that have turned them varying colors from tan, orange, golden brown, and chocolate brown to even black; occasionally a blue or green color is also seen.

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spacerFields Ancient Ivory is one of the best sources for ivory and bone for all uses. My order was shipped fast, was well priced, and most importantly, well packaged. Fields Ancient Ivory was fast to respond to my questions and even went out of their way to find some things they didn't have in stock! Anthony, Fort Myers, FL